LIVE Workshops & Events


Join our workshops anywhere and anytime that works with your busy schedule. We would love for you to see us live as it is a great way to connect. Most workshops are accessible webinars online because we want to help you. However, there are a very few exclusive VIP member events that we host live and this is your chance to meet Nurse Audra.


Make new friends and learn together how to create a sustainable keto lifestyle that is unique to YOU! Learning alongside of others can help keep you motivated and accountable to making a positive lasting change in your life in record time. The BEST part is you can engage with your community both online and offline and together enjoy life!



These workshops are designed unique for you! This is the place to get answers to your keto questions and learn about common keto mistakes. We carefully design every aspect of these workshops to cater to your needs, because we appreciate you and want to help empower, equip, enable and engage you in your health. 


Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We guarantee you will leave our events feeling your investment with us was worth 10 times more than the cost. We are committed to getting it RIGHT because our products exist to serve your needs not our own. If you are not sure how to decide contact us anytime to tell us more about how our services can help you.

If you are interested in partnering with Keto Prescribed to host an event for your community (podcast, webinar, social media, stage or other) please contact us with more details about your event and goals you want to achieve. Because of the volume of requests we appreciate your patience with our reply. 

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